“Man, you can really write!! You should write this stuff for a living!” –   My old boss, looking over a financial document and accompanying report that I had produced.

“Man, now that you mention it, it would be nice to do this for a living.” – Me

Out of this conversation, The Word Works Sentence Factory  was born.

Jason Metten

Hi! I’m Jason. I’m a father of two, a PhD student, and a professional freelance writer. I have served as principal author on over a million dollars of awarded grant applications. I have given a witty and compelling voice to a number of products and business entities. I have even kept a handful of kids from flunking out of school (without cheating). Whether it’s academic, ghostwriting, grantwork,  or a humorous take on your wide array of civil engineering services, The Word Works Sentence Factory is ready to ramp up production for you!


The Word Works Sentence Factory prefers to create premium quality, powerful, and compelling content for a handful of clients with whom we have developed a solid rapport and a comfortable working relationship. We are not a pennies-per-word content mill, waiting to run your credit card and dump 2,000 worthless words into your inbox. The Sentence Factory is currently accepting new clients who we can really get to know and create the kind of content that provides solid value and a healthy return over the long term.

If you sound like our kind of client, feel free to use our Contact Us page to tell us your story and to let us know how The Word Works Sentence Factory can be of service to you and your business.